listen to recordings

It always amazes me what a great sound a bunch of relative strangers can produce in such a short time!

At each Sing Out Saturday session we get through three or four songs. At the end I always revise them so they stick better in people's memory. I take that opportunity to record the songs so people get to hear how great they sound.

Here are some recordings from Sing Out Saturdays over the months. Just click on the blue highlighted title to listen. I hope you enjoy them!

Think of me, forget me not (October 2016)
From the Diamond Choir of South Africa. Allegedly used as part of a campaign to get people to carry condoms!

Gospodi (January 2017)
Part of the Russian Orthodox service. Lord have mercy upon us sinners.

Kana kameme (April 2017)
Song from Namibia. A mother is telling her child to look after their belongings while she is away from the house.

Let your little light shine (April 2017)
Traditional gospel song.

Bring me little water Sylvie (April 2016)
Written by Huddie Ledbetter (aka Leadbelly). This arrangement is by Bruce Knight.

Adios hermanos (February 2016)
This is part of a song by Paul Simon from the musical Capeman, arranged by Bruce Knight. "Goodbye brothers and sisters, goodbye friends, sing my friends!"

Bambelela (February 2016)
From South Africa. The Xhosa word "Bambelela" means something like "hold on" or "don't give up".?

People get ready (February 2016)
My arrangement of a Curtis Mayfield song.

Bele mama (from June 2016)
A party song from West Africa. This version is based on a recording by the Mouange Ensemble from Cameroon. "Bele Mama" is a pidgeon version of "Appelle Maman" which means "call mama" in French.

The thing that makes you beautiful (June 2016)
First verse of a song by Jane Voss.

Ain't gonna study war (March 2016)
Written by Roxane Smith, words drawn from the old spiritual "Down by the riverside"

Uyahalalela (May 2016)
A praise song from South Africa. Uyahalalela means "we praise you"

Yo yo yo (January 2016)
A Nigerian lullaby. Rough translation: "No matter how much I rock you, No matter how much I kiss you, You still will not sleep!"